How to Create a Streaming Music App: From A to Z


The music streaming app market is one of the most profitable digital niches these years. Empowered with wireless technologies development, high-speed Internet standards global spreading (4G and 5G), and copyright policy in the media distribution area, streaming apps obtain 14.0% in 2019 with 15.3% forecasted by 2023.

How does the music app work? Services of that kind provide tools for legal music distribution charging users a subscription fee or working according to the Freemium model (free use of limited features).

In 2019, the revenue gained by the music streaming segment reached $11,110 million and its annual growth is going to show 4.1% comparing to 2023. Considering this, creating a music app seems like a great idea for digital startupers. Learn how to do it from our new article!

How to Make a Music App: What Should You Know

So what are streaming music services? Streaming music (audio) is the technology of wireless delivering media in digital formats directly from the Internet without downloading media files.

Music delivered with the streaming technology could be heard from any Internet-connected device with dynamics and sound cards including smartphones, computers, tablets or IoT-connected media systems (learn more from IoT Ideas and Business Opportunities in 2020).

Within the streaming technology, audio files are delivered to the Internet device in small packs that are going to be downloaded and then deleted from the device buffer one by one.

Streaming music works with various digital audio formats like WMA, FLAC, or, what is more common, MP3. In most cases, users can also download audio from the Internet to the streaming music app and listen to them offline. However, after the subscription period is over, tracks will become inaccessible.

If you plan to make a music app, take into consideration that the global music streaming market is a highly competitive environment with several dominant players — Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora Media, and…



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