What it Takes to Create a Live Video Streaming App?


Due to the burgeoning technology and its products, the digital influence gains momentum in the modern world. It has never been more profound than today. The brand strategists and executives should pay attention to the tendencies and perspectives of attracting the audience through the live streaming services.

The entertainment landscape expands allowing cutting lucrative bargains between the creator of the content, his/her audience and even brands-just snatch the moment and find yourself in the catbird seat.

Demolishing trends.

An everyman would ask a question like: “How did live streaming become so popular in a matter of a couple of years?”. The crucial aspect for any successful trend that appears is that the trend has to react to definite problems that consumers face. In terms of streaming, the trend has to deal with the fact, that consumers desire to personalize the content they want to use up. Moreover, streaming creates an impression of exclusiveness of the content. In this situation, another question appears in minds: “How can you produce the exclusive and personalized content when the community makes the choice instead of us?”.

In this case, Twitch.tv will serve as the best assistant. Even taking to account, that consumers “dictate” the content creator their preferences, your content will stay exclusive. Why? It is because Twitch is about live streaming. It means, that if you are late to the stream, you won’t see it at all. Exclusive? Yes.

From the sponsor’s point of view, the bigger the audience, the more exclusive content is, the bigger are benefits to derive from cooperation.

Since the moment the creator and his content reach the selective audience, the great potential for business appears. This “recreational segment”, that is how streaming service is categorized, has a great potential and promises the moon for marketers.

The content creator should not get cocky, even when he has a large audience and a profitable sponsorship.

Streaming services.

In the days of yore, a traditional TV format ruled the entertainment world. Gone are those days of glory. Consumers shifted away from the TV era to a new one, where they can take the measures to their own hands. The consumers switch among different streaming services and content they want to get whenever they want to consume it.

The most popular resources which help consumers satisfy the demand for an exclusive content are YouTube, Twitch.tv, Netflix, Periscope, Ustream, Stre.Am, and others. These resources abound diverse channels fitting any taste. This consumer’s desire even formed a new term, which is “Video on Demand”.

Professionals and rookies.

We all see how fast do the new content creators appear. Some of them are successful in their approach and have a good outcome/income ratio, but others have hard luck.

We all know the famous guy PewDiePie, don’t we? He is the best streamer/vlogger for today. This guy made his YouTube career through rough ways to the stars. Today, he has over 20 million of subscribers, and, nevertheless the ideas for content might have been exhausted, he continues to astonish his audience.

The main rule for this world of content and its consumption is to keep up with the development and enhancement.

The reiterated fact, that the technology develops every second and every day is true, and it is important to remember, that consumer’s wishes change simultaneously.

It does not mean, that a fresh-new application or service for streaming will not repeat the success of the Twitch or YouTube, who have swallowed the business with bowels.

In reference to the Total Audience Report, the number of live streaming viewers multiple at the point of 60% per month. Incredible? Indeed, it is. But what does it mean?

We insist, that the consumers appearing every month are thirsting for something new and special, so the developers have a broad field for experiments.

Hence, we come up to the main thesis of our article, which is What it Takes to Create a Live Video Streaming Application?

We would like to divide the following block of our article into subblocks where you will find interesting information about crucial and vital aspects of the streaming video app development.

Such aspects will be represented for your attention:

  • The Importance of the Product Definition;
  • The Importance of the User Experience;
  • Personalization and Experience Customization;
  • Monetization;
  • Audience Capturing;
  • Elaboration of an Ad Strategy;
  • Ad Tech;
  • Analytics Section;
  • Quality of Service;
  • Trendy Multiplatform Development;
  • Playback experience.

Product definition.

Starting with the Product Definition, it would be correct to state, that without a proper definition of your product idea, you will not get far. Elaborate and define the goal of your video streaming app and basing on this definition, create a clear and understandable consumer proposition.

Do not rely on the lessons you’ve learned from the Internet because those lessons only serve as examples, pure and simple.

Every single sophisticated human will highlight the importance of careful planning of the project. Planning concerns app development notedly. You might ask why, and we would answer, that creating an app without planning is similar to forcing troops to fight without a strategy. In the end, you will bite the dust counting your losses. Make a wise choice, look ahead!

User Experience.

The User Experience determines the success of your live video streaming app as well as the content. We intend to mean that you, as a creator, must pay a close attention to the target audience. Start with the definition of your perspective consumer’s wish to navigate the content from the structure of the menu and continue with player delivery.

The modern trends include such convenient features like an autoplay, playback, live replay, push alerts, and others.

First and foremost importance has such features like the ease of signing in and a big catalog. These simple things play a great role in user experience and create the first and the main impression for users.

Cognize the fact, that in case you have no success with your streaming application, the problem can hide inside the app. Build a better experience, create the convenient payment system, UI, and, of course, stream quality.

It is important to preserve the favorable balance of performance quality and style. Be inventive, set all your faculties on a rack, create unique and convenient features.

Customization and Personalization.

Let us continue with Customization and Personalization. The term “personalization” has been a catchword for years. In virtue of big data usage, the leading development companies in the world started to deliver the “personalization” in a unique way. They use AI while creating models based on demographic information. This trick helps developers in targeting the certain audience of viewers. It is not a new trick, but it works. With the help of this “utensil”, the video app developer can define, elaborate, and provide the custom user experience in applications. In the result, this approach will help the video streaming application producer to change the user experience for particular user types depending on their interest and preferences.


When it comes to monetizing an application, the first thing that the majority of people get is the idea of allocating space for advertising. The revenue can be very good, and the volume of the mobile advertising market is constantly growing. For example, Statista forecasts its increase to $ 59.67 billion in 2017. It would be great to get a piece of the pie, right?

If you have an intention to monetize the application, selling an “advertising platform” would be a really good idea. But before you start monetization, it is important to set certain rules:

  1. Define a place for advertising at the very beginning of development. Test various possibilities for placing advertisements using the feedback from users. This approach will help you to choose the least annoying format, which would stay noticeable.
  2. Study the audience of the application.
  3. Be prepared to offer different options for advertising to those who are interested in it.
  4. Study the advertising networks and services to find the best option. If your application is a narrowly-focused one, and the number of advertisers in this market is not abundant, it may be more profitable to contact them directly.

Audience Сapturing.

Capturing your Audience has always been something challenging. Remember, that potential consumers expect us to be creative, inventive, and interesting. Ignite the interest all over your targeted audience. Smokers like the matches that light from the first strike.

Start boosting your applications even before you release it. Create a presentation for your application. The presentation, that would ignite the cold hearts of the captious public.

Boost your product! Use media, press releases, posters, and other ways that people can get information about a forthcoming release. Publicize the release frequently and consistently. Use professionals to boost your grand opening, who will spread the information across the web, hire marketing specialists, use keywords, trends etc.

As an advice, use loyalty and bonus programs for users, provide additional features for inviting friends etc. Be creative and interesting!

Advertising Strategy.

Revenue is the juiciest part of the project for every business guy, we mean it! The more your audience grows, the more revenue opportunities you get at your disposal.

As the number of viewers grows, the more content creators get interested in ad insertion and sponsorship.

The cornerstone of your Advertising Strategy is the way you deliver advertising and the number of ads. It is a known fact, that the majority of broadcasters have cut down the numbers on the preroll and insert the ad units into the midroll. This is the trick which helps to attract people to the content and make them stay into it.

Anyway, be inventive in your approach to advertising. Whether you saturate the app with skippable ads (like YouTube did), or you have your own solution-be creative.

Advertisement Technology.

Now, after you have elaborated your Ad Strategy, you need a peculiar technology (Ad Tech) in order to carry out your strategy.

There are two main ad insertion types, which are a Server-side insertion and a Client-side insertion. Both of the methods bring peculiar advantages and disadvantages.

While the Server-side ad insertion helps developers in creating of smooth and high-quality experience, the client-side one allows scalability and flexibility in targeted advertising. Moreover, in an aspect of labor intensity, the client-side becomes a hard task for developers.


Coming up to Analytics subblock. An ordinary reader would say: “Nah, boring analytics... collect data, analysis...”. In sober fact, Analytics is a very important thing in the overall building of a live streaming app. One thing is collecting data, and the other thing is creating a meaning from the analytics. The primary goal of analytics is to provide the developers with an insight, which, consequently leads to an understanding of what works and what does not. It would be correct to admit, that data for the analytics sometimes has a price. Do not hesitate, BUY professional advises, ask for help. The more you invest into your invention, the more you get in the end. Yes, it is the rule: The more useful data you want to gather, the more you have to spend. Explore, research, no detail is too small.

The Quality of Service.

The Quality of Service is a vital part of any business, no matter which way you look at it.

Concerning our topic and the main idea, which is “how to make a live video streaming app”, the term QoS (the mentioned before Quality of Service) applies diverse components of application delivery. Among those components are UX, transmission, compression, delivery, and, of course, the playback of the content.

As the examples shown by the leaders in the market, the reliance on third-party vendors is not an option. Those companies have already shifted away from it, and provide an own technology stack in order to execute the QoS components. Nevertheless, some of those companies still use the partial help of the third-party vendors, because, as they insist, this helps to concentrate the attention on their own competencies.

Anyway, the only conclusion is that the app developer has to create and produce a great experience for users. It has to be fluid and reliable, otherwise, you and your brand will face hurdles. If the user gets a bad experience, he gets frustrated, and this, consequently, ruins your relationship, which is hardly recoverable.

Trendy Multiplatform Viewing Experience.

Next up, in the question how to develop a video stream app, the sophisticated developer will set sights on the application itself, and its capabilities. What do we mean by these words, is that consumers (users) all over the world have different handheld devices, therefore, the developer has to develop his video streaming app the way it supports all available platforms. Developing a Multiplatform application is a big trend this year.

A Multiplatform video app will be able to deliver the content for people on Android, Windows, iOS, Apple TV and the new appearing ones. The Multiplatform Viewing is a core to the streaming app business, bite on that.

Seamlessly coming to a conclusion, we would like to make an honorable mention.


Even if your streaming app project is planned and elaborated, your product is developed and produced according to the properly-defined rules, it won’t be successful if the video does not play smoothly. The important suggestion: DO NOT FORGET about the PLAYBACK EXPERIENCE! Consumers expect the application to work well since it is plugged in. In case the video stops playing in a low band, the consumers will become irate and physical.

Due to the fact that modern devices are capable of storing large video files for playback, it allows offline viewing for some of the streaming apps. This comes in handy for either road warriors or those who has an unreliable connectivity. A convenient mobile streaming app with the playback function will be a savior to such type of users.

Also, it is important to put on the thinking cap and to consider the availability of Download function for your application.

Without hesitation, we insist, that consumers will really appreciate the developer’s introduction of download option. The cost of implementation might be considerable, but in the end, it will pay off.


The live video streaming app world is full of capabilities for either big companies, mid-sized business, or even startups. In fact, the size of your business does not matter at all. If you have a project idea and a will to achieve your ambitions, you will be successful.

The tendencies in the app world change instantly, keep an eye on it. It is up to you and your company what way to choose, the difference in those ways is only in the overall cost. Creating a profitable streaming application is a complex and challenging task, which promises the moon in the end. In case you manage to create a sophisticated and meaningful infrastructure of your business, elaborate your custom and authentic idea, throw all your forces into its execution, the victorious palms will be yours.

As to our experience in the field of development, we would like to proudly represent a couple of projects, that became very popular among users. The first one is the Mauve live streaming application. This handiwork of our genius developers and designers delivers an ultimate experience for users. With the help of Mauve you will be able to record, edit, and publish your content to various social media.

An another LANARS pride is L!VE live stream application. It is built to bring convenience and smoothness into your streaming experience. This social application is an embodiment of rich functionality and distinctive interface. Share your real-time moments with people you know, be the part of the action!



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